Develop Your Leadership Consciousness


You will get problems solved easily if you develop your leadership consciousness. Consciousness is the state of being awake to understand what is happening within and around you in order to take the right action. Now, leadership consciousness is your ability to know the right thing to do to move forward in every situation. While many people take actions that either stagnate or set them backward in God’s purpose, a leader with consciousness takes actions moving forward always.

In His leadership seminar, Jesus said leaders are salt and light. Salt and light are a symbol of high level consciousness. If salt is salt and light is light, nothing stops their effect in the environment.  You will know that salt is present in the food through its effect, and you will know that light is available through its shinning. You cannot have a light that shines not and salt that is tasteless. 

In the same way, God expects you to produce deep effect in your world, He wants you to have a great leadership impact in your generation. The key to this is you must develop your leadership consciousness. You must recognize the need you were born to meet, the personal disciplines you ought to cultivate and the things you ought to avoid as a leader.  Consider Joseph of Egypt! Why did he decline the offer of free sexual enjoyment from his master’s wife? His leadership consciousness  helped him to know that a leader doesn’t do that. Leadership consciousness teaches leaders to avoid certain pleasurable things other people embrace.

Through leadership consciousness, you will know the war you ought to win and how to position yourself on the winning side. Our burden borders on this matter. We believe that the Lord is going to take you to a higher level in your leadership as you read this edition in Jesus name. stay blessed!

Your brother,
Segun Akande

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